Secure Data from Hackers Overseas.

More than 98% of hacks originate from overseas.
Stop all of them today.

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Protect Critical Infrastructure

Prevent foreign hackers from accessing internal systems.

Block every hacker overseas today.

Verify all traffic as it flows through your enterprise's intranet to protect against VPN tunneling and more.

Stop Overseas Hackers

Cloudwear's location verification blocks hackers across your IT stack.

Nowhere for hackers to hide.

With the security of Cloudwear's location verification, hackers can no longer spoof their location from a faraway country.


Powerful SDK and mapping features.

Grant access to trusted users based on location while blocking out the rest. Filter by entire countries, or by specific floors in a building.


Advanced fraud detection.

Cloudwear's advanced fraud-detection algorithms will alert you in the case of fraud, so you can rest easy knowing the identities of your users.


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Leverage the power of location-based cloud security

with Cloudwear's versatile platform and SDK

Block Unwanted Access

Cloudwear's admin panel and SDK is extremely versatile for integration into a wide array of scenarios. Protect your data from unwanted access.

Simple Location Controls

With Cloudwear's location tools, quickly whitelist any area by selecting a country or drawing shapes on the map. Whitelist any location within seconds.

Precision Whitelisting

Cloudwear provides you with unprecedented access control with incredible precision. With the admin panel and SDK, you can ensure that only users are only granted access within areas as small as a single building.

Detailed Access Logs

Download your access logs to see who was granted or denied access at any time.

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